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Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain)

I limped in to The Good Health Centre for an appointment.  I had suffered for 18 months with heel pain and it was getting worse.  It was affecting my work and my running.  After the first week I was 60% better and after 4 treatments I have now got my life back.

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For quick recovery of back, neck and shoulder pain, foot pain, sports injuries, etc.  Medistone is in a league of its own...

A body out of balance can be the cause of many injuries and diseases.  Who is out of balance?  Answer; all of us.  Nobody is symmetrical.  A Body Balance MOT can detect a potential problem before it is too late.

Tri-force can be a physical or calming therapy which supports and strengthens the body's natural ability to heal and re-balance. It works on the whole person, not merely the …

Sports massage is now considered by many athletes as a fundamental part of their training and recovery routine; it helps them to train harder, improve performance…

Whether you are looking to lose weight, get fit, train for a specific sporting event, improve your confidence or get that feel good factor; we will help you to achieve your target…

The main components of exercise are stamina, strength and suppleness, (s.s.s.) The routine covers all of these aspects.

The ability to improve your health and fitness literally lies in your own hands.  Whether you are a couch potato or a seasonal athlete, Nordic Walking is for all abilities.  Very few exercises can give you a full body workout like Nordic Walking.…

Medistone Bodywork
Bio Bodybalance
Tri Force Energy Balance
Sports Massage
Nordic Walking

Dougie gives talks and runs workshops on Health and Fitness, Nordic Walking, Life Planning, Massage and some of his hilarious marathon stories…

The most enjoyable workout you could possibly have.  It's a sport for almost any age or ability, and parents and children can play together.  And for the fit athlete you can also play at a high intense level….

Dougie runs accredited courses for Thermal Stone Massage and Medistone Bodywork.  Medistone Bodywork is an Advanced Thermal Stone course and is a treatment which gets dramatic results from muscle, ligaments and tendon injuries..…

Talks & Workshops
Courses for Therapists

Dougie`s Treatments & Services

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Established in 1923, a family run business spanning four generations, specialising in a wide variety of sports.  Being a member of a large buying group means they can offer competitive prices, with expert advice second to none and service with a smile.

Tobutt Sports

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Chartered physiotherapy, sports injury clinic, back pain clinic, foot health clinic, counselling, and alternative therapies.  The Good Health Centre consists of five therapy rooms and ten therapists, offering a wide range of services.

Good Health Centre

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Tobutt Sports is the longest running, running specialist in the U.K. and possibly the world.  Now you can buy our products on-line.  All our most popular running shoes at discounted prices, clothing, accessories and keep fit products.

Running & Fitness

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Dougie`s Articles

Dougie has written editorials for newspaper and writes stories for magazines.  These are some of his stories

Life on the Run.

Laughter Is the Best Medicine 
Words of Wisdom & Inspiration 
Ultimate 	Health and Fitness
Rants - off My Chest
Extra Ordinary People 
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Dougie has written editorials for newspaper and writes stories for magazines.  These are some of his stories